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Packaging And Production Machinery

GACHN is a leading supplier for packaging solutions in the disposable hygiene industry (sanitary napkins, baby diapers) and machinery for the manufacturing of sheet masks, wet wipes, tissue and disposable toilet seat cover.

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As a trusted intelligent packaging equipment manufacturer, Gachn supplies various high quality machines at competitive prices, including sanitary pad packaging machine, wet wipe packaging machine, diaper packaging machine, etc. Watch the videos to clearly know how our machinery works in the factory.

    1. Disposable diaper packaging machine Our disposable diaper packaging machine is divided into two categories, one of baby diaper pack counting machine and the other of disposable baby diaper bagging machine.
    1. Wet wipe packaging machine line The wet wipe packaging machine line is composed of a single pack wet wipe making machine line and wet wipe packaging machines. It allows a production of 300 to 350 pieces of wet wipes per minute.
    1. Facial sheet mask packaging machine Based on the automation level, our facial sheet mask packaging machine may be divided into pre-made bag facial sheet mask packaging machine and fully automatic facial sheet mask production line.
About Gachn

Xiamen Gachn Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 832368) was established in 2011 and is a dependable intelligent packaging equipment manufacturer. We provide customers with a comprehensive offering of development, production, sales, and technical services. We primarily focus on the production of flexible packaging systems including sanitary pad packaging machines, wet wipe packaging machines, disposable diaper packaging machines, tissue paper packaging machines, and facial sheet mask packaging machines. In addition to our outstanding product catalog of standard equipment, we can also help customers customize personalized flexible packing solutions according to their needs.

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